Location of Boardwalk Fish and Chips Restaurant.

Homer, Alaska has 5,400 residents and is the Kenai Peninsula's second largest city.  It is highly recognized for art galleries, the Pratt Museum, sea life center, cultural events, and musical productions. The Boardwalk Fish and Chips Restaurant (BFC) is located on "Homer Spit". 

Homer Spit

What is a Spit?  - "The Spit" is a curved finger of land left behind thousands of years ago by glaciers that once blanketed Alaska's Kenai Peninsula.  Today, commercial, sport and charter fishing boats, water taxis, ferries, research ships and U.S. Coast Guard cutters tie up the harbor located on the "Spit".  The waters of Kachemac Bay are home to salmon, halibut, whales, and countless shore birds.  The pristine conditions support world-class oyster farms.  Surrounding forest are claimed by black and brown bear, moose, wolves and other wildlife.

Join us at the "Boardwalk FIsh and Chip Restaurant and enjoy a dining experience in this backdrop of mountains, glaciers and the sparkling waters of Kachemak Bay.

You will find us at the end of "Cannery Row", on the last boardwalk of the Homer Spit.

Homer, Alaska and Homer Spit

  Boardwalk Fish and Chips at Homer Spit